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A revised and expanded edition of book one in the Mrs darley series - Mrs Darley's Pagan Whispers is due for publication March 2017 and The lastest Mrs Darley book (7) is currently being written and will be out during the summer of 2017.

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Carole Carlton:

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by mystery and magick, by the
existence of a Divine essence & a belief in worlds unseen but, being brought up within the confines of an orthodox religion, I never considered the fact that all of these things could possibly sit comfortably together.

In the early 1990's, a career move to Cornwall led me to buy a tiny tin miners cottage on the south eastern edge of Bodmin Moor where, I had, as my neighbour, the mysterious & enigmatic Mrs Darley. From that very first meeting, there was a knowing, a stirring of a memory long since buried beneath a world of business meetings, sales targets and consensus truth and, from that very moment, I knew that my life would never be quite the same again.

Due to her influence, not only did Pagan spirituality become an important part of my life, but I also began to train in many aspects of complementary therapy, which eventually led me to run a clinical practice and also gave me the opportunity to teach in many parts of the UK, and the Middle and Far East.

That fateful meeting with Mrs Darley was almost 25 years ago now and, since then, I have continued to explore the magickal journey of life with celebrated teachers both within the Pagan community and complementary health world.

Today, I am a freelance writer and author of the 'Mrs Darley' series of Pagan books. I own 'Mrs Darley's Herbal', in Bewdley Museum, Worcestershire, teach Reiki for the UK Reiki Federation and offer workshops and talks in many aspects of Paganism, complementary medicine, tea and herbal tisanes.

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 William Wilson:

A native of Belfast, I met Carole nearly twenty years ago and was hooked - and who could blame me!

We have travelled the world teaching but have 'pulled our horns in' and now live in the midst of the Wyre
Forest. Nature abhors a vacumn, and as the teaching ebbed, the pagan and craft world developed.

I did not have the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Darley, but have been, and will for the foreseeable future, be subject to her influence through Carole.

We have a fine balance now, Carole with Mrs Darley, and me with my athames, decorative plaques, and sticks. I started my working life in the aircraft industry in Belfast, and it's fulfilling to be working with my hands again.

Our dream is eventually to return to, and continue our work in Carole's beloved wild and rugged Cornwall, and there, for us, the circle will be complete.

February 2017

The month begins with the lovely festival of Imbolc, a Celtic word which means 'in the belly' and in the belly of the earth life begins to stir. This is the festival where we welcome back the Goddess in her Maiden form and in return She offers us the chance to look at life with new eyes and to recapture opportunities that we may have felt were lost to us.
The Wolf Moon waxes full on the 11th, along with a penumbral eclipse (only just visible from the UK), whilst the new Hunger (Storm / Snow / Chaste) moon is born on the 26th along with an annular solar eclipse (not visible from the UK)